Ugly Food Makeover

Turning "Ugly" Food into Beautiful Meals

Each week we share a healthy recipe or simple preparation method for one or more of the items inside our box to help you reduce waste and find adventure in your kitchen. Dig in! 


Whole Wheat Strawberry Pancakes

TGIF, Friends! We're finally seeing glimpses of summer this week in our boxes and nothing gets me more excited for sunshine like fresh summer berries! We've got organic strawberries up to bat this week and you're going to want to use them right away, say, for breakfast tomorrow!? How about some Whole Wheat Strawberry Pancakes? You can ditch this homemade batter and go with your favorite pre-made if you'd like, but this recipe is quick and makes delicious, fluffy and healthy-ish pancakes. I usually double my batch and freeze the rest in 3-4 stacks for a quick breakfast reheating situation in the future. You can microwave them or pop them in the toaster! Trust me, it really glams up a Tuesday

Corn & Black Bean Salsa

As the end of April is approaching, we've got summer weather, refreshing salads and maybe some sparkling cocktails on the brain. A little Cinco de Mayo Margarita perhaps? If you're throwing a fiesta next weekend, let us help you with a recipe or two. This week's box was just begging for a salsa! Did you ever think it would warm up and we'd see corn again!? I added peppers and tomatoes and I always have an onion and a can of beans on hand! This recipe is really simple. You can steam, boil, roast or microwave the corn for a few minutes to cook, cut the kernels off the cob and add them to a bowl of diced perfectly imperfect veggies and a can of beans! This salsa is so filling, so fresh and i

Easter Ham Glaze

Hoppy Friday and a happy holiday weekend to you! If you want to take your Easter feast one step further this weekend, we created this recipe with you in mind! How about a homemade ham glaze? Not just for ham, you can add this perfectly imperfect sauce to any of your proteins or drizzle over roasted veggies, mix into some mayo for a zippy condiment on leftover sandwiches and freeze half for future ham events, ha! Making a homemade ham glaze is really simple and very flavorful! The best part about making your own, is you know exactly what the ingredients are! I used this week's organic pineapple and oranges to create the base, it's as easy as blending them together, mixing in a few other ingr

Spring Cobbler

There are lots of gorgeous fruits and veggies in this week’s box, no surprise there! Colorful grape tomatoes, squash, asparagus, little blueberries and plums too! I knew I wanted to make something special for the Easter weekend ahead and after trying the plums, I thought a cobbler would be a great choice. The whole recipe comes together in less than an hour and is delicious warm or cold. In the summer months when fruit is super ripe and sweet, you don't need to add much sugar to a recipe like this - you can let the fruit speak for itself. However, when we are still working with a little bit of underripe fruit, a touch of honey really works it's magic in this recipe! Tossing a spoonful over

Eggplant Dal

TGIF, Friends! We made it! A few weeks ago, Ashley and I had the pleasure of doing a little Perfectly Imperfect cooking at the new Daves Teaching Kitchen in Midtown with Slow Foods, an organization curating events that connect people with their food. They hosted an evening discussing how to use produce on its last leg and we of course had to be involved with that! If you're interested in hearing more about Slow Food Cleveland, you can click here! One of the recipes shared utilized some eggplant about to be tossed out at the grocery store due to dark spots and bruises. Janet Kramer, a clinical dietitian from UH, shared her favorite Eggplant Dal recipe using these eggplants, cutting around t

Creamy Garlic & Spinach Chicken

Hi Friends! Another week has just flown by and here we are again, with our recipe creation hats on! I get asked a lot how we come up with something new each week and I have to give credit to the surprise element of the box! One of my favorite parts of the whole process is never knowing what we get to rescue each week! Aubrey here, and I get a box randomly just like all of our customers. I treat it like a Chopped box each week, trying to use as many of the ingredients in the box as possible, keeping it fairly simply, but very delicious! I try to base recipe decisions on if we've used one of the ingredients recently, is it time to do sweet or savory, a salad or a main entree! Just a little b

Beth's Perfectly Imperfect Green Smoothie

We love to see what you whip up in the kitchen each week! It gives us ideas, lets us drool over gorgeous food photos and gives us a chance to shine the light on some of you kitchen creatives out there! We will start featuring guest recipes on the blog from time to time and this week we are sharing our friend Beth's recipe for her PIP Green Smoothie. It's full of last week's organic goods and also an ingredient you might be surprised by- frozen cauliflower! Don't worry- you wont taste it at all, but you will notice how thick and creamy the smoothie becomes from the combo of the frozen banana and cauli! Yum! Beth is a dietician nutritionist, MS, RDN, LDN, who lives in Cleveland. Check her

Strawberry Spinach Salad

I've never seen spinach leaves as big as my face until I looked inside this week's organic box. Our Asst. Buyer & Packing Manager (and our resident farming expert), Laura West, rescued these for your organic boxes directly from Morningside Farm. We worked with Morningside last summer, rescuing their oversupply of organic produce, but it's with heavy hearts that we hear of their closing this season. Laura managed their farm for the past several years and as they sell their equipment and greenhouses, she cut these leaves just in time to save them from tractor traffic! Sometimes, the produce in our boxes isn't about expiration dates or being ugly- it's about rescuing surplus that may otherwis

Roasted Pepper & Tomato Pasta

We are seeing RED this week! Red peppers and red tomatoes! So we are making pasta! Let's talk these little tomatoes, shall we? Grape tomatoes are usually my go-to in the winter, when tomatoes aren't in season and don't taste like a tomato should. These little guys are not quite sweet yet, which make them perfect for cooking. Roasting the peppers and tomatoes adds depth of flavor, while bringing out their natural sweetness. You just rough chop the veggies, roast and blend. For richness, I added some cream, but you can add almond milk or leave out cream all together. The sauce is delicious just as a veggie component. This recipe is also perfect as a pizza sauce, swirled into olive oil for

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