Ugly Food Makeover

Turning "Ugly" Food into Beautiful Meals

Each week we share a healthy recipe or simple preparation method for one or more of the items inside our box to help you reduce waste and find adventure in your kitchen. Dig in! 


Mango Margarita

Phew, we've almost made it to Friday and this weekend we're celebrating Cinco De Mayo! If you're throwing a party, or wish to remember The Battle of Puebla with a Margarita, try adding the mangoes from this week's box into the blender. Yum. This recipe can easily be made into a mocktail if liquor isn't your thing, just sub orange juice or water for the tequila and you'll still have a very delicious beverage to sip on! Sugar here is optional- depending on how ripe your mango is. The more ripe, the sweeter it will be, so feel free to give the mango a little nibble to see if you'd like to sprinkle in a tablespoon or so of sugar! It's up to you! Cutting a mango can seem intimidating, but I'll br

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