Ugly Food Makeover

Turning "Ugly" Food into Beautiful Meals

Each week we share a healthy recipe or simple preparation method for one or more of the items inside our box to help you reduce waste and find adventure in your kitchen. Dig in! 


Strawberry Rhubarb Shortcake Ice Cream Bars

There are some sounds that instantly transport us to a nostalgic time in our lives. One in particular that comes to mind is the memorable sound of an ice cream truck. You know, that song that starts off faintly, but gradually gets louder and suddenly you find yourself running for money and chasing after that magical truck? There is just nothing like riding your bike on a hot summer day with your neighborhood friends eating a $.75 treat you bought with your own money from selling lemonade or with some of the leftover change from mom’s purse. However, many kiddos and adults, often have to miss out when the ice cream truck comes around due to food allergies or intolerances. After becoming a die

Grilled Cauliflower Steaks with Mustard Greens Pesto

We’re unofficially kicking off summer this weekend, and while it may not look like Memorial Days of years past, we hope you can make the most of the long weekend from the comfort of your backyard. This week’s box is packed with all sorts of fresh, flavorful produce that is sure to brighten up any picnic or al fresco dinner. Turn tomatoes into a caprese salad, throw potatoes or sweet potatoes in foil and toss them on the grill, or grill pineapple wedges and serve them with vanilla ice cream for dessert! If you received a head of cauliflower there has never been a better time to slice it into steaks and throw it on the grill! Seasoned with a smoky spice rub, these Grilled Cauliflower Steaks ar

Simple Ceviche with Halibut

We may not be traveling to global destinations right now, but that doesn’t mean our taste buds can’t. I don’t know about you, but since being home more than ever I have been getting stuck in a cooking rut; making the same old thing because it’s quick, easy, and doesn’t require much thinking. However, I found myself itching for a fancy date night dinner to celebrate one more week down in quarantine. I decided that it was time to step the cooking up a notch. This week’s PIP box was PACKED with all sorts of delicious produce options! From the avocados, to the tomatoes and the beautiful bell peppers. It all reminded me of the menu at one of my favorite restaurants in Miami, where I enjoyed super

Sweet Potato Energy Bars

With everyone working and learning from home these days, quick and easy snacks are a must! Enter these Sweet Potato Energy Bars. Loaded with oats, quinoa and seeds, these bars are full of fiber, protein and healthy fats to keep everyone satisfied until their next meal. Mixing in cooked sweet potato and apple adds natural sweetness which allows us to cut back on the other sweeteners. These bars are chewy, not overly-sweet and totally satisfying. Make a batch over the weekend to enjoy throughout the week. Feel free to customize these bars with ingredients in your pantry. Swap in any nut or seed butter for the peanut butter, sunflower seeds or chopped nuts for the pepitas, and your favorite dri

Broccoli, Zucchini & Pepper Pasta

No one needs high maintenance meals these days. This pasta fits the bill perfectly. We've sent you the produce and now we're here to help you turn it into a tasty dish without too much fuss. Our favorite food photographer, Karin McKenna, who also happens to be a long-time PIP customer, is showing us how she transformed this week's box contents into a divine dinner. Perhaps the best part is just how simple it is to throw together using your PIP veggies along with a few items from your pantry. Karin recommends "using what you feel like, what you have, what is simplest and most comforting for you right now." This "nourishing, hearty, comforting, very simple pasta" is quite versatile and easy-g

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