Ugly Food Makeover

Turning "Ugly" Food into Beautiful Meals

Each week we share a healthy recipe or simple preparation method for one or more of the items inside our box to help you reduce waste and find adventure in your kitchen. Dig in! 


Overnight Oats Three Ways

Here at PIP we’re always looking for ways to incorporate more fresh produce throughout the day, and breakfast is no exception. You know we’re fans of smoothies for making good use of an abundance of fruits and vegetables, but there are so many ways to freshen up the first meal of the day! You can top nut butter toast with smashed berries, fold greens into scrambled eggs, or stir just about any type of fruit into hot or cold cereal. Lately we’re craving simple, no-cook breakfast options that fuel us up for these long summer days. Overnight oats check all the boxes and the flavor possibilities are endless. The best part? You can whip up a batch on Sunday and divide it into single-serving jars

Grilled Heirloom Tomato Caprese

There really isn’t anything better than flavors that remind us of the blissful days of summer. A few that come to mind are fresh basil from the garden and the sweet flavor of locally grown heirloom tomatoes. This week’s PIP box was packed with all sorts of summertime provisions. Those heirloom tomatoes were tops on my list. You may be asking yourself, what exactly is an "heirloom" tomato? Are they only found in antique stores? Well, not exactly. The seeds are truly what differentiates the heirloom tomato from all of the others. From season to season they are passed down, and the seeds are harvested by the farmers from the plants that produce the best tomatoes! That is why we see such incredi

Grilled Brussels Sprouts Pizza

We can think of only one thing better than pizza night. Grilled pizza night! Now that it’s summer and we’ve extended our kitchen to include the grill, let’s not waste any time using it to cook all the things. Your PIP box this week likely included an assortment of perfect pizza toppings, like bell peppers, broccoli, eggplant, onion and cherry tomatoes. What better way to showcase them than atop one of our most-loved foods? Keep things traditional with a red sauce, shredded cheese and assorted vegetables, or try something a little different, like this one we’ve topped with sautéed shredded Brussels sprouts, fresh mozzarella, crispy bacon and a balsamic glaze. Because grilled pizzas cook very

Orange Ginger, Green Mint & Cardamom Banana Smoothies

This week's PIP box was filled with all sorts of summer flavors. And as the temperatures rise we are craving cool, colorful smoothies! Truly, smoothies are one of the most perfect ways to use up imperfect fruits and veggies. And the possibilities are endless! We packed in as many goodies as we could fit into our blender and, in our opinion, the results are more mouth watering than dessert! One box, three nutritious and delicious smoothies! Though we make smoothies all year round for quick meals, snacks and to use up produce that’s nearing the end of its useful life, summer seems especially smoothie friendly, doesn’t it? So much fresh everything! I don’t like things too sweet, so I typically

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