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Sheet Pan Stir Fry

June 6, 2019


This week is shaping up to be a lean, green machine over at PIP HQ. Boxes got packed yesterday and we are more than excited to get these into your hands today! Green Peppers, green beans, romanesco, bok choy, asparagus- oh my! If you're thinking, "Who is Romanesco?!" You know her! She's the cute little head of cauliflower looking broccoli florets, and she's just so crunchy and tasty!

This is one of those weeks where these items aren't imperfect much, but were a huge oversupply for local farmers and we are more than thrilled to take these goods off their hands, and get them into yours!



For those nights when you don't have the energy to make a mess in the kitchen, stick to a sheet pan meal. They're minimal prep- just some quick chops, cook on parchment or foil so you have zero clean up when you're done!

Pro Tip// With the Bok Choy, make sure to wash it really well, as Bok Choy loves to hide small flecks of dirt and sand. I like to fill my sink with 2-3 inches of water and let them soak for a little bit, letting the sand filter to the bottom of the sink, then give them a good rinse under the faucet until all the water is running clean and clear.



This week, I wanted to do a stir-fry inspired meal and pair it with a baked fish. I used cod but salmon would be amazing in this recipe, too. I cut up my veggies and pre-roasted them for about 20 minutes. After tossing them around, I added the fish to the pan, and broiled everything for about 10 minutes, until the fish was cooked through. I added a sauce with the fish to seal the deal on flavor, and you can serve over rice, quinoa, or a salad, to make a delicious and easy week-night dinner. Let's dig in.

Sheet Pan Stir Fry
Serves 2
1 Perfectly Imperfect Bell Pepper
4-6 stalks Perfectly Imperfect Asparagus
1/2 head Perfectly Imperfect Romanesco
1/2 bag Perfectly Imperfect Green Beans
1 head Perfectly Imperfect Bok Choy
2 filets of fish- I used cod



For the Sauce
2 T Soy Sauce
1 T Sesame Oil
1 T Honey
2 T Italian Dressing



1. Preheat oven to 425. Line baking sheet with parchment paper or foil & set aside. 
2. Cut all veggies into similar sized pieces and add to baking sheet. Spray with cooking spray, toss around, and season with salt & pepper. Bake for 20 minutes.
3. While veggies are pre-baking, blend the ingredients for the sauce.
4. Once veggies have cooked for 20 minutes, toss them again on the pan and make room for the fish. Lay the filets in the middle and drizzle the sauce all over the fish and veggies.
5. Broil the pan on high for 10 minutes, until fish is flakey and veggies are caramelized and golden brown. Serve with rice or quinoa, or over a bed of greens for an amazing dinner. Enjoy!



We hope you love this one pan meal as much as we do, and be sure to tag us on instagram, @perfectlyimperfectproduce, when you recreate it! We love to see what you create each week in your kitchen, and always share customer's ideas on Sunday's, so be sure to give us a follow! Have a great day!


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