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Fall Chicken Salad

November 7, 2019

Hi there, PIP Fam! Happy November!!
As the weather begins to turn colder we are loving all things squash and apple spice. We're counting down the weeks until the holidays and getting pretty excited. How about you? We've got some great recipes planned, for entertaining and your next favorite side dish on your holiday table.

This week's box has lots of goodies like sweet potatoes, kale, acorn squash, avocados, mushrooms, apples, and so much more!

We're throwing it back today to a recipe from last year- our fall chicken salad. It's a super versatile recipe that uses a lot of this week's box ingredients- grapes, apples, squash or sweet potato, and celery, too, for that extra crunch! This chicken salad is a great way to sneak in a ton of veggies and fruits, and makes a great filling for sandwiches and wraps, on top of salad greens, or even on a baguette or zucchini slice for a holiday appetizer.

We've been known to make this at a few of our cooking demos, and it's always a crowd favorite! Let's dig in!

Fall Chicken Salad
Serves 6

2 cups Perfectly Imperfect butternut squash, acorn squash or sweet potato, small dice
3 cups cooked shredded chicken breast
1.5 cups Perfectly Imperfect celery, chopped
1.5 cups Perfectly Imperfect grapes, halved
2 Perfectly Imperfect apples, diced
3 Tablespoons fresh parsley 
1 cup mayo
salt and pepper to taste


1. In a sauce pot, boil diced squash or sweet potato in 6 cups of water for 10 minutes. Drain. You want the squash to be just soft enough to eat, but not so mushy that it breaks a part in the salad. Allow it to cool.
2. Combine all ingredients once squash is cool, and season with plenty of salt and pepper.

3. You can serve the salad as is, on a bed of mixed greens, or on small slices of baguette or zucchini for an easy holiday appetizer! 



For your calendar ahead:
We will be closed the week of Thanksgiving. 
Since the holiday falls on our delivery day, we are not able to make home deliveries that week. Instead we will be making a large delivery that Monday to our neighbors in need via The Hunger Network's food pantries.

Leave your order in your account if you wish to contribute and we'll add it to our Thanksgiving donation! Last year we collectively donated 5,000 pounds of fresh produce to local food pantries for Thanksgiving! Help us help families in need feed their loved ones a healthy holiday meal with all the traditional fixins. If you don't wish to contribute to the donation, please cancel your box by Friday 11/22 at 5:00 pm. Your delivery schedule for all deliveries before and after Thanksgiving will not change so if you need to move a box up or back, please do so.


Boxes the week before the holiday will contain seasonal favorites, trust us, we've got your list in mind, to help you prepare your Thanksgiving feast! Don't forget to add that week to your order by 11/17!


We hope you love this recipe as much as we do! Be sure to tag us on Instagram, @perfectlyimperfectproduce, when you recreate it in your own kitchen! For other ways to order and donate to eliminating food waste, find us at perfectlyimperfctproduce.com. Thanks for another great week, PIP friends!

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